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  • The Pre-Approved Short Sale Fallacy

    I’ve received many calls from prospective buyers interested in my short sale listings asking if the listing price has been approved by the bank.  On a short sale, the seller owes more than their house is worth, so the seller’s lender(s) must approve the sale price and accept a discounted loan payoff in order for the house to ...
    Posted to David Monroe (Weblog) by 633952 on February 24, 2010
  • How To Fix The Short Sale System

    We’ve all seen the horror stories relating to short sales, and some of us have experienced them.  As a short sale specialist, I often times find myself questioning the logic of banks. The government has even stepped in on occasion, passing legislation that is supposed to improve how banks handle the short sale process.  ...
    Posted to David Monroe (Weblog) by 633952 on February 6, 2010
  • Do You Qualify For A Short Sale

    Do you qualify for a short sale? You may have determined that you wouldn’t be able to sell your house for a high enough price to pay off the existing mortgage(s), and you’re now considering a short sale. You may be in foreclosure or just one or two payments behind, or maybe you’re current on your mortgage but unable to ...
    Posted to David Monroe (Weblog) by 633952 on February 6, 2010
  • Is Your Real Estate Agent Breaking The Law?

    Has a real estate agent offered to negotiate a loan modification or a short sale for you, or are you a real estate agent that has offered these services to your client? The purpose of a loan modification is to get the bank to modify the mortgage terms to reduce the interest rate and/or monthly payments on an existing mortgage. On a successful ...
    Posted to David Monroe (Weblog) by 633952 on November 4, 2009